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Coppelia is a sentimental and humorous ballet based on two stories by E.T.A. Hoffman, The Sandman and The Doll. The ballet premiered in 1870 in Paris, France with music composed by Leo DelibesCoppelia Ballet

Coppelia is a doll who sits on the balcony of a Toymaker's house all day reading and speaking to no one. A boy named Franz, who is already engaged to a your girl named Swanhilda, is mesmerized by Coppelia's beauty.  Swanhilda becomes suspicious of Franz's love and sees him flirting with Coppelia.  She picks up a stem of wheat and shakes it, thinking that if it rattles their love is true.  But, she does not hear a rattle.

Swanhilda and her friends sneak into Coppelia's house and find that she and her family are dolls.  The Toymaker returns, sends the girls away and invites Franz in to cast a spell on him and transfer his life to Coppelia.  Swanhilda helps Franz escape and they run off to get married, celebrated by the entire town.

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