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Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Sleeping Sleeping Beauty BalletBeauty is Pyotr Tchaikovsky's second of three ballets scores (1889), the other two being Swan Lake (1876) and The Nutcracker (1892).   One of the most popular ballets ever, it's in most ballet companies repertoire.

The King and Queen hold a christening for the newborn Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) but forgot to invite the evil Carbosse.  She attends anyway disguised as a beautiful fairy and casts a spell on Aurora that will make her prick her finger and die when she reaches the age of sixteen.  The Lilac Fairy, who was also in attendance, realizes what has happen and casts another spell that will change the spell of death to a hundred years of sleep.  She will only awaken by the kiss of a handsome prince. The evil Carbosse, disguised as a seamstress, returns when Aurora reaches the age of sixteen and fools her into pricking her finger on a needle. 

Many years later, a Prince is out hunting with his friends and the Lilac Fairy presents him with vision of the Princess Aurora and he instantly falls in love.  She leads him to the castle where he battles the evil Carbosse, races up into the castle and kisses Princess Aurora.  She awakens, the kingdom rejoices and they live happily ever after.

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