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Swan Lake Ballet

Swan Lake is the most popular ballet other than the holiday favorite ballet, The Nutcracker.   It's a classical ballet that is technically challenging and emotionally moving with music composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1876.SwanLakePic3

The story of Swan Lake begins when Prince Siegfried turns 21 and his mother tells him it's time to arrange his marriage. He takes off on a hunting trip with his friends and comes across a lake full of beautiful swans were he falls in love with the Swan Queen Odette.  An evil sorcerer has placed a spell on her which can only be broken when a man pledges his love for her. 

The Prince's mother hosts a royal ball so that the Prince can choose a wife, only to have the sorcerer arrive with his daughter Odile who the Prince believes is Odette and confesses his love for her.  The real Odette sees this and flees back to the lake, soon followed by the Prince.  The sorcerer interrupts the reunion and tells the Prince that he must marry his daughter.  The Prince refuses and takes Odette's hand and they both jump into the lake. 

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